writing within mathematics

writing in math is important because it is a way to engage all learners in mathematical thinking at the same time. An entire class cannot talk about mathematics at the same time, but they can write about mathematics at the same time (Tuttle, 2005) This strategy is great way to keep all student engaged and it is also a great way to assess all learners thinking at the same time. There is many ways to prompt writing in mathematics. Some if these prompts include: 1. What do you know to be true about this situation? How do you know? 2.Explain something that couldn't be true about this situation. How do you know? 3. what is___? (Math topic). 4. Tell me everything you know about ____. (Math topic). 5. Explain (in words) how you would solve the problem. 6. Explain two different ways to solve the problem., 7. What would be an efficient way to solve this problem? What makes it efficient? 8. what would be an inefficient, but mathematically correct, way to solve this problem? what makes it inefficient? 9. what mathematics did ___(student) do well? 10. what mistakes, if any, did ___(student) do? These are just some of the question/ strategies that a teacher could use to deepen the understand of the student’s mathematical knowledge. At the same time students would also be practicing they're writing grammar. If I am lucky enough and I get to a grade where writing in mathematics can be implemented, I will most likely being using them. I believe that this strategy of writing in mathematics will deepen students understanding of mathematics and making it easier for them to solve the problems correctly with less mistakes.

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