Writing in the content areas lecture

We learned that we must break down the problem into its various components in math. Then we have them identify the procedures that we teach them so they can figure out what the operation is, and then they can also find out the solution to the word problem. In history and social studies, we also analyze the events that happened in our world. There are a lot of people who might not feel confident sharing instructions in some areas that they don't feel confident about it. Disciplinary literacy aims to show what inquiry might look like in different disciplines. For instance, it shows how students might read from multiple perspectives. Following some guided content, the teacher had us go into breakout rooms to prepare a presentation. In my team, we had to create a couple of slides to summarize the pros and cons of using rubrics. Other teams covered the topics of writing assessment, writing feedback, time for writing, and my own feelings about writing. I found the group exercise a doable tool to use with students in a classroom to create a community of learners that can contribute to an assignment activating each student's background knowledge.

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