visual learners

Everyone learns and processes information differently, and these unique learning styles didn't just apply when you were in school. Knowing you preferred method to take in information in beneficial for you professional life as well as everyday life. Take me as an example I know that I am 100% percent a visual learner. For example my mom was telling me how to make tamales. My mother went into great detail and gave me exact measurement of how to do them. I know that people that aren't visual leaners would most likely be able to make them and they would come out delicious, but not me I need to see the process while you are telling be how it is done. So on Saturday my mom said we are making tamales and you are going to help me so that you can see how it is done. I took notes of every step and exact measurements and not I feel very confident that I will be able to make them. As a future teacher I plan to give as much visual examples as possible to be able to ensure that all my student fully understand without having an doubt that they would be able to accomplish whatever the task may be.

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