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Title: Building a Better Check-In

By Lauren Porosoff

My opinion on this article is that it is very important to check in with your students on daily

to ensure the well-being of the students. I as a future teacher will try my best to check in with my student more than once a day. The reason for this is because student mood can change throughout the day and if it is possible to help their well-being then why not doing. I believe that it will create a better environment where student can be open and feel safe. Since I work at a school as a paraprofessional, I have seen that some teachers do something like this. They called it a share circle where they had an object it would start with the teacher and then pass on to the students. They would share how they were feeling and anything else they wanted to share with the class. I agree with the author that it is very important to check in with the student especially since the pandemic that we are in had taken a toll on not only the student but everyone in general. I would recommend this article to new teachers and even the current teachers this article has very good information and most important way to improve the check with students. In case, that one way doesn’t work you can try. Others that they be more catching to the student that they will want to participate.

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