Three Topics; Learning Log

After reviewing the Edutopia website I picked three articles that most stood out to me and that I plan to include within my service learning project. The three articles that I will be focusing on are "How Community Service Supports Students in Tough Times" by Sean Cassel, "Empowering Students to Change the World" by Chase Mielke, and "Special Education: Promoting More Inclusion at Your School" by Maurice J. Elias.

After reading the "how community service supports students in tough times" article, it helped me understand another side of community service that I had not thought about. In this text, community service is used to motivate students that have been struggling with mental health problems due to the pandemic, to get out of the four walls that they have been stuck in and reinclude themselves to the outside world by helping the people in need of the community. This activity is not only helping the people in need within the community but is also helping the students that volunteer to distract themselves and build bonds with the people around them. Reading "Empowering students to change the world" helped me understand how important group work is because it allows students to work within their limits and be engaged in their learning. There are some considerations to look out for but allowing students to pick their groups and collaborate can have positive outcomes. The thirds article, "Special Education: Promoting More Inclusion at Your School" helped me understand how to produce more inclusion within the classroom by creating groups or programs for all students to work together. However, a couple of questions that I had after reading this article is what would happen if a student with special needs does not feel comfortable learning in an all inclusion classroom? If there is a problem in the classroom with the students being put in groups with children with special needs, how can the teacher fix this issue, or what are the next steps in this situation?

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