Service Learning

After spending a semester working on my service learning project, I realized how important it is to include as much details as possible. I also have a better understanding of why service learning is important in classrooms. It is important for students to work on a service learning project in order to incorporate their own opinions and perspectives as well as gain new knowledge and perspectives. By that I mean that service learning brings the students closer to the community an allows them to work for change and/or something better. Service learning projects furthers their knowledge or brings new knowledge about a topic, which allows student to become aware of their surroundings and their community. After seeing and listenin to my peers presentations, I learned more about topics surrounding communities than before. This could be due to some, in the past, not talking about these sorts of topics due to our age or just not knowing how to bring them up. Furthermore, as a student in my K-12 school years, not that many teachers talked about these topics. I can only remember on or 2 times they were ever mentioned. Considering that was the case, I have would say that in conclusion, service learning is a great tool or project to use in classrooms.

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