post # 5 pg. 95-100

Blogging can be used in any discipline to get kids to explore essential questions, investigating problems, or pondering discipline-specific topics in a safe (and engaging) space. There is many ideas for using blogs in various disciplines that I found interesting. some of these include holding blog discussions instead of conducting whole class oral discussion. I believe that this is very important as all student will be engaged and can refer back to their blogs for reference when needed. Another one is using blogs as place for students to write reflective pieces after completing a project or experiment, solving a problem , or reading a text. I find that this strategy can be used as a reference for student to look back and use in future lesson and also can help them to get a better understand of the lesson or project. Blogging works for many reasons one is that it provides students with the opportunity to interact with an authentic audience that offers immediate feedback. The collaborative nature of this activity also encourages motivation, often flowing into out of school literacies that hook students in ways traditional classrooms study simply can't. ( pg. 98) As a future teacher I most definitely plan on using blogs to help student get a better understand and use it as reference for them to have to look back at. I believe this a very good and can only help student be more successful as well as keep them engaged.

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