post # 3 pg. 180-183

After reading this section I have a better understanding of why it is so important to know what a good understanding of the proper thinking process can look like and how to pick a a meaningful service-learning project that can have an impact on the community but also keep student engaged while they learn as well.

Some of the things that engaging in a service-learning project are student engage in higher-order thinking required for solving problems and discovering new understanding and meanings while doing work within the discipline. Students tap into depth of knowledge when they work within a discipline to develop complex understandings. Students' connectedness to the world helps them understand the larger social content of the discipline. Students engage in high levels of substantive conversation as dialogue builds on each others' ideas while working within the discipline. Students experience the social support necessary for achieving work within the discipline. (Pg. 180) All of these are perfect reason why is important to do service learning project because it has so many benefits for the student short term as well as long term.

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