On Monday 5/2/22

We presented our service learning project and from the time we logged on to the time I presented I was super nervous for various reason. The first reason was because I wasn't absolutely sure that I had done it right and second because I had to present. After a couple of my classmates present I thought to myself maybe I didn't do so bad since everyone had mostly all the similar points that I had. At this point some of the anxiety was gone. When it cam time for me to present I was supper nervous and I kept making errors and my voice was shaky. I got to the end of my presentation and I got some really good feedback from one of my classmates. I was relieved to have finish and only have to add more sources and fix one thing . I enjoyed everyones presentation they were very interesting and had very good information. I hope to be able to do implement some of those projects in my classroom when I become a teacher.

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