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Chapter 4 inquiry within the disciplines summarizes the inquiry theory learning core and their disciplines. As a student I can see that there are attributes that are used in writing to make it flow with ease and leads to strengthening the content learning. One remarkable characteristics of the inquiry is that it is “done by the individual, not to the individual. This means that what makes knowledge sticks to the student as they focus on the heavily significance of instruction (104). Along with that, solving challenging problems, asking questions, and answering them with a well detailed answer is beneficial for test taking skills. This helps the learner build habitual skill and develop motivation to learn about new strategies that can be used in their academic career. Moving on to the classroom challenges, teachers often feel overwhelmed with the classroom management that is organized in their classroom. Thus, they are expecting students to have the sufficient knowledge to engage in topics that regard question asking and discussion. It is important to note that students are to be prepared with the sufficient core knowledge so that they can acquire information on their own in the future (110). Consequently, we can address that some students are unable to comprehend knowledge on their own without directly applying it to their past experiences and practices for themselves.

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