Log #7- Classroom Management

Updated: Apr 24

I am coming to the end of my observing hours for my first practicum, I show up in the morning in my 8th-grade History teacher's classroom. My core teacher has over thirty years of experience, to be able to watch him manage his classroom is something that I hope I can do one day. When kids come into his room they know exactly what to expect and what is expected of them, he let each class pick their class name, and every day when they come in he greets them by the name that they chose. He will then start off by playing a song, the students have to guess what era the song came from if they get it right they get a point and at the end of the year, the class with the most points gets a party. When my core teacher moves into the lesson part it is very interesting to watch the students, they all know that there is a task and that they are all supposed to participate, you don’t see kids arguing about participating they just know it is expected of them. Talking with him he explained that the biggest help for his teaching career has been structure, laying out the expectations at the beginning of the year and being “persistent” with them, this is something that I can see is really beneficial, he doesn’t have kids talking back or trying to disrupt the learning if a kid tries to do so he will re-direct them nicely and the students always get right back on track, I hope to have this exact same classroom management when I teach, it made the learning environment that much more fun and enjoyable.

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