Log 11

Learning Log and Project Assessment Rubric. This week we focuses on learning about rubrics and the different types of rubrics we will be able to see in our education career. For instance, we had the opportunity to work on a nearpod lesson activity and practice creating out own rubric. In the beginning it was difficult because we learned how to scaffold and create success criteria for each rubric. We also had to align the language targets accordingly in different levels of the rubric. After working individually, we had the opportunity to work in groups and create one on mathematics. I found it easier to work in groups because they were able to help me understand what went in each box and how to scaffold my language targets from level to level. We then presented to the class and were able to see the group of other teams. Aside from working in groups we had the chance to ask questions if any, about our service-learning project. During the lesson I was able to learn a lot of collaborative learning and scaffolding as I had not done that much. Since we had to create a rubric for our lesson plan, we had the chance to work in groups and ask them questions since we were all required to create one for student assessment. Overall, it was an interesting and informative class lesson that made me learn new content.

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