learning log pg. 68-71,79

After reading this section in This is Disciplinary Literacy, I learned and got a better understanding about using literacy in math and how this process can deepen a student conceptual understandings. There is strong evidence that when students explain their thinking through writing in math classes, they deepen conceptual understandings (Mastroianni, 2013). I think that using this strategy can be very helpful to student because it can help deepen the understanding in math.

Writing Within ELA

Teaching student how to write well by focusing in content, purpose, and audience prepares them for the demands of a timed essay in ways that stilted practice simply cannot. (pg. 71)

When students write for a real audience, they are much more likely to pay attention to the mechanics of writing because they care. in writing the most important thing is being able to unravel a complex idea, express an idea of one's own, or use others' ideas.( pg. 79).

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