Learning Log for Review pages 71-76, 95-100 in Chapter 3

After reviewing pages 71-76 and 95-100, I had a better understanding of writing within ELA. In classrooms, writing within ELA is done so in order to write an essay in a specific amount of time. Apart from that, writing within ELA takes time since students are taught to "write well by focusing on context, purpose, and audience" (72). Furthermore, teaching to write within ELA is not only time-consuming in the classroom but also later on since grading essays takes time. Although it is time-consuming, writing within ELA is useful and could be fun both in school and after. Outside of school, in the real world, "we write for a purpose, not for a rubric" (75). Furthermore, writing in journals, in a notebook, or wherever helps us think and go back and reflect on something we learned or something we care about. When writing in blogs, a notebook, or a journal we need to remember to write about something relevant and important to us. When teaching to write within ELA, we need to remember to make the lessons relevant and interesting as well as giving the students a bit of freedom in what they write about.

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