Learning Log for Review of pages 65, 76-77, 95-100 in Chapter 3

Reviewing pages 65, 76-77, 95-100 in Chapter 3 worked to refresh my memory on what writing within the different content areas looks like. One of the things that stood out to me when reviewing was how to write a blog. When writing interesting blogs, as teachers, we need to be creative and include relevant topics and "stories to relate common experiences" (97). We also need to provide any relevant resources that the students can use or refer back to as needed. Another thing that stood out to me was how to grade students' blogs. When grading student work, more specifically blogs, one needs to use a rubric. Using a rubric to grade students' blogs would be similar to grading other assignments in the sense that we would be looking for an understanding of the topic. By using blogs within any of the content areas, students will be more engaged in their learning.

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