Learning Log for Chapter 2 - Jennifer Flores

Updated: Feb 7

After reading Chapter 2: Reading Within the Disciplines, I learned a lot about how to get students to read using disciplines. One way is to make sure they are reading something that is relevant, as a current event. Others are to read aloud, incorporate visuals like charts, graphs, photographs, etc., include text from the real world, unlocking a challenging text. From my understanding, these tips are useful and helpful since it helps us, as future teachers to understand how to help students stay on task or keep their interest. Furthermore, this helps students learn and deeply understand the meaning within the text that they are reading.

In the future, once I start teaching, I would love to incorporate these tips and ideas. Also, I am sure that the tips and ideas used for students would be used at different times depending on what the student is doing. They would also help me determine what the student might be struggling with. For example, one student might need to read aloud in order to better understand the text while another might need a picture or a chart.

Overall, that is what I learned in this chapter.

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