Learning Log Ch. 5

Updated: Mar 21

When reading Discipline Literacy and chapter 5 Collaborative Learning it talks about the power of collaboration, “when teachers work with each other, they often find it easier to incorporate collaborative learning into their instruction” (Pg.147). This is important because it helps further students learning, it gives them different ways to teach things to students which in turn gives students different ways to understand and learn what is being taught. “As teachers collaborate, the intellectual stimulation and personal engagement become almost addictive, leading them to want their students to experience the same positive aspects of learning together” (Pg.147).

Another key point that the chapter talks about is Collaborative Learning by Any Other Name. “Collaborative learning has many faces, partner sharing, group discussions, book clubs, Socratic seminars, etc.” (Pg.148). Collaborative learning has become very common in the schools and It will only progress from here, as long as we continue to be innovative in how we do our collaborative learning our students will learn more and more.

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