Learning Log Ch. 3

When reading chapter 3 Writing Within The Disciplines I learned how important it is to know how to write within different content areas, these included History, Science, Math, ELA, and Social Studies. In order for students to be able to write within History and Social Studies “students are expected to analyze and synthesize material across texts in writing, as evidenced by the document-based questions that dominate social studies curriculum and tests” (Pg.66). They also need to be able to do research on topics that they can expand on and be able to communicate new learnings. In order for students to be able to write within the discipline in science students need to be able to use “technical, precise vocabulary which is essential” (Pg.66). For writing within math disciplines students should be able to “provide a picture/visual that corresponds to the writing prompt or concept you are currently teaching” (Pg.70). Lastly, for writing within ELA students should be “engaging in the workshop approach where the process of writing is integrated into all writing instruction” (Pg.72) This is a more detailed approach because students have to be able to add and do many different things.

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