Learning Log 9 (p. 71-76, 95-100)

Reading pages 71-76 and 95-100 in This Is Disciplinary Literacy, I came to discover that writing within ELA usually does not highlight problem-solving and inquiry. Within ELA, students are more prepared for writing for high-stakes testing, rather than learning through writing. I can agree with this because from my experience although I felt more prepared for state tests in the writing sections such as the SBAC, I would definitely say I grasped no specific learning but was always taught how to use a writing structure and how to apply it. The writing pieces never taught me anything new as the teacher would allow us to choose a topic of our choice that we found either relevant in our lives or had a good understanding of. Thus, no new information was ever really learned other than us navigating the specific writing structures and styles required to learn. Moreover, within the reading, it was mentioned that rubrics might not be beneficial when writing within ELA because it leads to students focusing on those very elements they need to satisfy to receive the highest grade possible. I also think this is deteriorating a student’s learning as they will not be as creative as they could have been due to closing themselves to the boundaries of a rubric, this as well blocks any learning from occurring. I was also able to learn that blogs can be used in any content area and are meant to mimic the way one would write when integrated into a career field. I think this is great because student’s become more aware and skilled at writing on how one would do for a job. This is beneficial, as students would become more comfortable writing on the job, where no rubric would be provided. This also allows students to distance themselves from validating the quality of their work through rubrics and grades earned, but rather on the creativity and structure they were able to identify and apply themselves.

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