Learning Log 9

Chapter 4

Inquiry within the disciplines was really new to me. I loved learning about this topic as it gave me a better understanding that inquiry learning is a, “complex attributes used to make sense of information, such as strategic thinking, creativity, and insightfulness.” (pg104) I learned that this allows students to make connections and explain their learning through the use of knowledge for intrinsic purposes. This is not given to the student but it is done BY the student. Inquiry within Math really stood out to me because it was the subject I thought would be the most difficult to apply to but after reading the sections I realized that there are many ways that this can be done. Some examples would be:

  • Questions and investigation patterns (109)

  • Finding connections between different texts, bar graphs, charts and applications

  • Undersaings and explaining thinking

By applying and going beyond the book, students can develop an inquiry mindset.

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