Learning Log 8- Service Learning Project

Updated: Apr 12

For this week in class, the professor took it upon herself to make sure she went over our Service Learning Project for a second time because there was still some confusion as to how to do the project and what was expected of us. Our professor went into great detail on what she was wanting and even provided us with examples of other projects that were similar to what we would be doing. In these examples she showed us PowerPoints that went into great detail and hit on every single point, there were word examples, picture examples, and every example you could think of was added to this PowerPoint. It was nice to see an example and get an idea of what to expect, I now have a better understanding of how I am going to design my PowerPoint and what kind of detail I am going to add to it to make sure I meet all expectations. Towards the end of class she went over the entire rubric and broke it down for us, we are supposed to answer every question and if we follow the section of the rubric on the far right and answer those questions in great detail it would be an A the second row a B and the third row a C.

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