Learning Log #7 (Pg. 68-71, 79)

After reading pages 68-71 and 79 in This Is Disciplinary Literacy, I was able to learn more about writing in math. I was able to learn that writing in math “...deepen conceptual understandings” (p. 68). I could agree with this because writing in math is able to help students not only grasp skills in applying certain strategies and methods within math but also helps students expand to gain knowledge and meaning of math concepts. They are able to understand why math is useful and important. I was able to discover that the most usual form of writing accomplished in math is the open-ended response question. I think this is a beneficial way to incorporate writing within math because students are prompted to deeply analyze the math problem and have evidence to support their answer, in some way, being a type of argumentative writing. This is able to engage students to gain deep conceptual learnings and not simply answer a yes or no question. It was also mentioned that students can persuade others of their reasoning. I found this interesting, as I could see ELA writing styles such as argumentative and persuasive being incorporated within math, which I never knew could be incorporated. Within the “Spotlight on Math” section of the reading, I found it interesting that math in writing can include a “less is more strategy” (p. 70). I can agree this would be helpful within math because in my experience I would be given a prompt to write about but would always find it intimidating and doubted the quantity of writing I should have. Having limited but reasonable space for writing can allow students to really think about the main conceptual understandings that they should talk about and avoid repetitiveness in their explanations. This allows students to differentiate what are the most important parts of their math learning when writing within math.

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