Learning Log 6 : pp. 65, 76-77, 95-100

After reading these pages, it helped me understand how letting students write and express their own creativity is important for their learning. Just having them copy down notes that the teacher writes on the projector onto their notebook is not enough for them to be engaged within their writing (pg. 65). Students need to be given the opportunity to write whatever they want for them to express themselves and their creativity for them to be engaged. If we want students to participate and practice their writing, they need to be passionate about what they are writing about for them to be inspired. Sometimes modern times call for modern resources. On page 96, it talked about how a teacher would receive groans when their students needed to complete a writing prompt on paper and pencil. Since technology has been evolving within districts and society, they decided to have students create a blog post that contained writing prompts that the students wanted to write about. This way they were able to reflect on what they completed in class and also use their creativity to write about things they were passionate about. Completing posts made the students look forward to writing and it helped them enjoy typing writing prompts to share with their classmates and made them more open to receiving feedback.

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