Learning Log #6 (p. 65, 76-77, 95-100)

Reading pages 65, 76-77, and 95-100 in This Is Disciplinary Literacy, I was able to learn within the “Writing Within Science” section that writing allows students to be reflective and thoughtful of their learnings throughout the classroom instruction. Regarding blogs, I was able to extend my learning that they are a great way to integrate writing within the classroom in a fun and free way for students to express their thoughts in relation to their learnings. Blogs are also a great way for students to interact with their classmates and motivates students to explore essential questions, analyze, and deeply think about topics within the content area. I was able to learn that blogs tend to be successful ways to prompt writing within the content area because of their “...collaborative nature” (p. 99). I can agree with this because as humans, regardless of age, we all crave some sort of attention, praise, or feedback in anything we complete ourselves or take part in. We seek some sort of communication in our work rather than be left in oblivion. Therefore, I could see how blogs work great in maintaining an engaging learning environment and helping students have fun writing about their learnings. Going along with this idea, I was also able to discover that blogs can be a great self-assessment tool for students without having to compare classroom grades or scores with each other. I think this is great, as comparing numbers and letters can lead students to develop many insecurities and think they are not as intelligent as their peers. Blogs are a healthier alternative for students to self-assess. Blogs allow students to see certain components their peers expanded on that could then help students analyze what they comprehend and what they should spend some more time reviewing.

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