Learning Log 6

In class we learned a new strategy of Claim Evidence Reasoning that will assist in Science. The process is CSET which is an acronym that helps students remember the components they will be needing to answer er the prompt or questions. C stands for claim which would be a question. S stands for set up which stand for the resource or support. E stands for evidence that will be used from the resources to back up your stand. T stands for Tie up the evidence to the argument. An example that my group and I came up with during our breakout rooms is down below, unfortunately we did not read the question correctly so we did not create a CSET that would back up the questions. After Jonnie reviewed this, she still said it was very well done. Making sure we read things carefully is highly important to execute the assignment.

Watch this Science video:

Shadow | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

Read the prompt and answer using CSET.

Prompt: What makes shadows change in size?


Set up


Tied to argument

Light produces shadow on objects that are visible to the eye. According to the video https://youtu.be/lOIGOT88Aqc.Light cannot pass through objects creating a shadow

You can have multiple shadows when you have various light sources.

Water and air cannot produce a shadow because light goes right through them.

Therefore If light hits an object, it will create a shadow.

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