Learning log 6

Pages 65, 76-77, 95-100.

While reading chapter 3, page 65, talks about the shifts for teaching writing within disciples as an educator. For example, having students write something that is related to everyday content is a form of connecting their lessons to their community. Students use writing as a type of formative assessment to guide instructions and receive constructive feedback to improve where assistance is needed. As an Ela teacher, writing is essential when relating it to discipline subjects. Also, writing is limited to note taking and creates a form of knowledge to be expanding with time. Writing Is used as a tool for thinking and understanding different practices that motivates students to write with illustrations and connections. Engaging analysis are expected to be thoughtful and answer questions to cover the key details of the text. On page 76- 98, there are sample prompts that are used to provide feedback for student writers to make them reflect, while learning and allow them to understand that the purpose of writing involves explorations instead of a perfect end project. Mistakes are to be done and learned from, such as modifications where needed.

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