Learning Log 5 : Chapter 3 - Writing Within The Disciplines

After reading chapter three, I realized that teachers have a hard time teaching students how to write effectively. There are times when teachers become frustrated with the students writing because they are unable to write clearly with opinions and thoughts without the use of abbreviations or shorten words ( p. 62). Sometimes teaching students how to properly write is seen as time-consuming which prevents some teachers from taking the time to properly teach students how to write. This can be a great problem because students are never really taught how to write their thoughts on paper and teachers seem to not take the time out of their lessons to teach these struggling students. This just puts them behind on their academics even more. After reading this chapter I began to question, why are there students that are not taught basic writing skills by their kinder or first-grade teacher? If there are problems with students writing, why are these issues not being addressed at an early stage before it becomes more of a grand issue? It’s important to include literature within each subject to enhance student learning. If students are learning math, they need to have a journal that they can write notes in, if learning science, students can have a science notebook to record their findings. Letting students practice writing their thoughts and ideas into a piece of paper can help them keep track of what they are learning and fully learn the content.

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