Learning Log 4 : Pg. 180-183

After reading these three pages I understood what a proper thinking process is and how to come up with a meaningful service-learning project that can have an impact on the community. Students need to be given a project that they can work with at various lengths that can help them use their project to make an actual impact on their community. It not only has to be something that they can do or work within the classroom, but also something that they can practice outside the classroom to make a difference. Students need to be given a project that guides them but also allows them to change some parts of the project to make it their own. It’s important to find a problem, identify a goal, and come up with an objective for the project to find something that needs to be solved and find an impactful project (pg. 182). Students need to be engaged within the problem to produce that excitement for learning and encourage them to start projects of their own outside the classroom. This way, they can take part in the change of their community and complete projects that can help them grow that passion to help the community around them.

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