Learning Log #4 (p. 180-183)

After reading pages 180-183 of This Is Disciplinary Literacy, I was able to learn that service-learning projects are able to help students learn outside the educational premises, and out to their community or other environments. Consequently, students are able to become meaningful and collaborative individuals towards the community. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when assigning a service learning project, as an educator. Educators have to ensure that students have a certain level of freedom when undergoing their projects. The teacher has to be ready to have a balance in the aspects of requirements and flexibility. These types of projects also give a new and innovative way for students to learn, heading away from traditional teaching strategies. An example being, students' assessments after the service-learning project are heavily based on self-reflection, rather than answering multiple-choice questions based on memorization. After this reading, I was left wondering how do educators maintain a balance of helping all groups successfully complete their projects if each group is undergoing a different timeline of action. I never underwent a service learning project within my education but rather experienced normal rubric-based projects, and even with these less flexible projects, my experiences were filled with a significant amount of disorganization. Therefore, I wonder how educators manage service learning projects especially when students could be working on them significantly a lot outside the classroom. Are these moments where students solve their group’s challenges by themselves? How does the teacher integrate themselves and give students enough support when needed?

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