Learning Log 4

As I was exploring the Edutopia website and reading through the articles, developing a Robust Community Engagement Program stood out to me. I watched the YouTube video provided and it just amazed me that this school dedicated a full day of activities that involves students creating welcome cards to families just arriving to the country, welcome pack snacks for students that are starting school for the first time and just getting students involved in the importance of creating items like these for families. I enjoyed when students shared the importance, reasoning and experiences behind these activities. The article goes over on developing an engagement program. Step 1 is choosing the correct community service that will benefit the community and the student, Step 2 is choosing a program that fits well with the school you are attending. The best way to decide this is by asking 2 questions. How will this program suit to your students’ body? How will this program suit the school mission?

Step 3 is understanding the community service that school is willing to offer and implement.

I think this article was a great resource because it gave me a better understanding od not only how it impacts students but also what to keep in mind while trying to create a program and activities that will benefit the student and community.

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