Learning log 4

While learning about service learning and coming up with ideas for our project can be exciting because we will make provide to those in need. Service-learning projects are done in schools, work places, public places, etc. The meaning behind it is to have a plan and the intentions clear on what is to be done. There are different tips to make these projects fun and engaging. Some of the ones that stood out to me where allowing students to modify the project if their ideas change, assessing them and making them provide a self-assessment to examine what and how they are going to do to be successful. Assessing is a key factor for planning and implementing as it requires a long time to get to the final. Being able to do group work is beneficial to grasp the open minded and common interests. I plan on creating a hotline that has all of the important numbers that students might need. This list will benefit them because they can just dial the number based on the reason they have.

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