Learning Log 3

Reading through pages 180-183 in Reading within Disciplines has opened me up to a new strategy on how to connect students to the community. This strategy connects students to their community at the same time engaging them into a deeper complex understanding of knowledge. The process of this strategy is by finding a project that will get the student engaged and while at the same time, creating a positive impact in the community. The reason why this strategy works is that students are engaged in problem solving that benefits them because it gives students a better understanding and meaning while working on this project. It connects students to real world problems and helps them create solutions on problems they discover. It engages students to create questions, solutions, research and communication

Some tips this section was to assign students a project that will get them to brainstorm ideas on a topic that is related to the lesson/ standard the class is working on. Have students create their own groups so they can come up with ideas with the same interest. Give students time to plan, research and implementation. include a self-reflection and assessment that will assist students to look back on their learning and progress.

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