Learning log 3

In the education field, building a culture of kindness with a day of service is important to build relationships and make connections of different backgrounds. This article talks about the stages of development within middle school ages. Student service learning activities are a source of resource for different non-profit organizations, the one these students did were on caring for others and ones environment. For example, the students created cards for people who were new to Montgomery County. Empathy was the focus to show that making effort is the thought that counts. Connecting oneself to others embraces kindness to provide multitude service. On the other hand, having empathy in action: Where teachers prepare future citizens is used to discover personal success and contribute to society. As an educator, teaching students how to reward and give to others develops empathy in schools and everyday environment. Educating children to care for others, leads them to believe in the social network and building relationships. There are 6 empathy building habits of great teachers. These include, create meaningful relationships with students, nurture children self-efficacy through mentoring, teach values associated with good citizenships, inspire students to become their best selves, expose students to different opinions and worldviews, and linking curriculum to real word service activities. Consequently, having students serve the district provides opportunities for students to participate in service-learning activities. These types of projects give students the opportunity to provide content for their classroom while making it engaging and relating it to the real world. Service learning can be designed with any service and different communities where learning in done. Being able to help your community is a form of service that many will appreciate. Supporting documents that tie with the curriculum on backgrounds are what frame the intent goal.

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