Learning log 2

Reading within the disciplines in chapter 2, emphasizes on the importance of focusing on the content area and going beyond reading strategies. This helps the student comprehend generalized text and allows them to engage with other classmates. Teachers may find it very beneficial to read with this method since it unlocks answers to questions related to comprehension. Students can also find context details in the reading to make connections or think about what will happen next. For example, showing students how to find important details in the text rather than just reading to get it over encourages students to read out loud in class or at home. An example that shows this is that teachers consider in terms of shifts to do during their lessons to create test taking skills. In the text, it mentioned is music literacy is a type of literacy that is used to identify the texts with real-world connections. With that, each subject has disciplinary inquiries that allow each student to build knowledge and a process of exploration. Students are able to search and pay attention to graphic organizers, consider alternatives, and understand the theories in each subject category. Together, the demonstration figures in the text are used to make learning engaging and summarize key details from the text. Students should read different reading content areas in their classes to develop reading habits and be openminded. An ELA teacher uses text sets to provide backgrounds in the reading world of the student to introduce them to methods in their classes. The students can break out small groups to gather resources and evaluate each other. Consequently, students read every day where they incorporate current events and increase interests in engaging texts.

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