Learning Log 12: Collaborative Learning

In today’s class, April 25, I learned about how assigning roles to team members can be essential when undergoing collaborative learning. I was able to experience collaborative learning with 3 other peers and we had the task of creating an essay if we believed online learning was better than face-to-face learning or not. Having roles distributed among individuals allows the work to be done in a more efficient time and distributed equally among everyone. However, we also learned there are some challenges when it comes to collaborative learning such as not everyone coming to one agreement or being overwhelmed with having to finish our individual task in a pressured manner if all our other team members finished earlier. In this task especially being about agreeing with one side and writing an argumentative essay, it was quite difficult to come to one agreement as everyone had a different stance when it came to online learning and a variety of ideas. It took quite a while to reach a concise and coherent idea of what our stance and theme would be in our essay. A few people in class also expressed how collaborative learning could be pressuring to students who tend to like working independently and focus more on their writing done by themselves. I could agree that it is pressuring when you cannot think of the right way to express your ideas but you’re falling behind as all the other team members are wrapping up their writing. This lead me to wonder, would collaborative writing be a good idea for a beginning and advanced beginning ELL, as they are not fully proficient in writing?

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