Learning Log 12- Collaborative Work

I gained a new perspective on a collaboration this week after attending class on Monday, and I learned that working with others can be both great and bad, depending on the situation. Whenever everyone works together and completes their parts and roles, collaborative working is a helpful tool. Multiple perspectives can be gained through collaborative learning. Two heads are better than one. Furthermore, working in pairs or small groups can be beneficial when collaborating and working together. However, this is not without its disadvantages. If students are working in groups and not everyone completes their section or part of an assignment, task, or project, this is unfair to the other students. There can be avoided situations where some students feel they have done more or even everything. By assigning roles for each student, we can prevent problems like these from occurring. There is also the option of breaking up the work into sections and assigning a section to each person or student.

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