Learning Log 11 (Chapter 5)

After reading chapter 5 of This Is Disciplinary Literacy, I discovered that collaborative learning is one of the best learning practices. This is due to students being able to undergo how real-world collaborations occur in jobs in order to satisfy the responsibilities of a job. Teachers also have a good experiential background when it comes to knowing about collaboration and integrating it into their instruction because they themselves collaborate with other teachers and school staff. I think it is a great advantage that teachers have experience in knowing how efficient and helpful collaboration is done, which helps their classroom experience a learning practice they can apply in their future when having to undergo collaboration, whether it's in higher education or a job. I was also able to learn that collaborative learning requires students to use academic vocabulary related to a specific discipline. Students can have specific instruction time where they can learn this vocabulary list which is crucial to utilize when doing collaborative learning. I can agree on the necessity of taking time to learn these words as a class because if the teacher just tells them to utilize these words but no context is given on what these words mean or in what context to use them, students would have a difficult time understanding things when undergoing collaboration. I also learned that students have to comprehend how to engage in academic conversations by ensuring they engage in productive discussion, also known as “accountable talk” (p. 162). I was left wondering with this section of the text how would teachers handle students who are stubborn to engage in productive discussion and attempt to influence their peers to be off-task as well. Would this lead the teacher to have to remove collaborative learning in her classroom?

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