Learning Log 11

Collaborative Learning

I thought collaborative learning can be a great way for students to engage with one another as they work together to finish the end goal but after today's class I can see the negative impact that it can cause at times. As I reflect today and working in my group of 5 during breakout rooms, I learned that this might be an easy way for some students to not be involved. As I worked on the group project in today's class, there were only a total of 2 students that actually participated including myself. This left a lot of stress on trying to get everyone involved, finishing the project by ourselves and just simply getting ignored when asked simple questions. I am a natural leader so regardless the assignment was going to be done, I just feel like when applying this to our future students it might be a great idea to create a group reflection so the appropriate people doing all the work can get credit or be acknowledged for the work they have done.

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