Learning Log 10, Pg. 66-67, 83-94

Within the "Writing Within History and Social Studies" section of This Is Disciplinary Literacy, I was able to learn how social studies and history frequently require students to write daily. In addition to learning reflections, students are often asked to use the evidence that they find in documents, journals, reports, news articles, and others for their writing. As a result of the wide variety of topics that can be covered throughout social studies lessons, there is also no one way to write. As someone who has to write short responses, essays, research papers, and journal entries, I can attest to the wide variety of writing styles in social studies. Through this course, I gained a deeper understanding of narrative writing. My history and social studies classes never used this writing style, so I found it interesting how heavily it is used in social studies. Social studies had not exposed me to this kind of writing. I agree with what you will explain in the reading that narrative writing is more engaging for students because it takes the form of a story and allows them to explore a historical event from different perspectives. First-person, or the point of view of the person who is facing the event directly, is probably the most common point of view. Unlike other styles of writing, this one is engaging because students do not have precise directions on what they should be writing about, and have more freedom to express themselves through their interpretation of the historical event.

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