Learning Log 1: Reading Within The Disciplines

While reading the Disciplines text, I realized that I did not know how much disciplines affected education or that it affected all subjects in many different ways. Reading within a discipline means having students understand how purpose and contexts build up their understanding of what they read and how it can be different depending on the material (pg. 14). Students need to use a material that is engaging and interesting for them to want to learn more. Sometimes teachers focus on students learning the material so much that they forget to allow students to participate and guide their learning. Through experimenting and engaging within the material students can build onto their knowledge to add that excitement towards learning. Disciplines allow students to have a well-guided reading format that will allow them to learn and be interested within the material to help them be motivated to want to learn more.

Just like it’s important for students to understand a text, they need to develop skills that will help them gain independence and be able to learn something on their own. It's important to flood students' reading within disciplines because it will help them be exposed to various types of text and gain interest in reading different types of material (pg. 24). This can help them in future studies like college because they will retain much more information due to their early interest in different sources compared to a student that only reads stories they enjoy and is bored with textbook readings.

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