First Day

Updated: Feb 7

My first day of my practicum started last week on Thursday. I was nervous, but nonetheless excited. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how excited the students were to have another adult in the classroom. I could sense some relief in the teacher's eyes because lunch had just ended and the kids were rowwdddyyyy. As I walked in I could tell the teacher had asked them to be on their best behavior when I got there and so they calmed down when I sat down.

The main thing I noticed in my Kindergarten classroom was how much kids crave and need a routine. The kids were on such a schedule that they knew to go into their small groups directly after lunch without the teacher even mentioning it. This definitely makes transition times and classroom management much easier.

Lastly, one thing I noticed is how reading/writing is used during their math stations. Whenever they hear or see the teacher write one of their sight words they got so excited to see the two subjects being blended together.

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