Elise Moneymaker Introduction

Updated: Feb 7

Hello, my name is Elise Moneymaker, and yes Moneymaker, you read that correctly. I am a transfer student from YVC but before that I studied at WSU for a year and decided it wasn't for me, and thus transferred back home to YVC where I loved the education I received and completed my AA degree. I am in the Innovate Teaching Program where I intend to complete my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and hope to pursue my Master's shortly thereafter.

I am the oldest sibling and have a younger brother, Paul. I work at an espresso stand in Zillah of which I am currently the manager of. I love this job and meeting new people everyday. I have lived in Zillah my whole life, and went to school there from K-12, I have loved growing up in this small tight-knit community.

I am so excited to get in the classroom this semester as part of the field practicuum and solidfy my choice in becoming an educator. It is something I have long dreamed about since I was young.

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