Collaborative Work

After Monday's class this week, I had a new perspective on collaborative writing and how working with others could be great but also bad depending on the situation or scenario. Working collaboratively is a good tool to use when everyone works together and completes their part or role. Collaborative learning is beneficial to provide multiple perspectives. It is like the saying 'two brains are better than one.' Furthermore, working together or collaboratively is helpful when working in pairs or small groups. Although that is the case, there can be disadvantages. When students are working in groups to complete an assignment, task, or project and not everyone completes their part or section, it is unfair to the other students. I have had many situations in my life, from elementary all the way to the present, where I sometimes feel as if I do more work than others. In the perfect world, students would all work together in harmony but that is unfortunately not the case. Situations like these where some students feel they have done more or even everything can be prevented. A way to prevent from students falling into situations like these would be by assigning roles for each one. Another would be by splitting the work into sections and assigning each person or student a section.

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