Collaborative Learning Chapter 5

Collaborative learning is an educational approach involving students and teachers working together to develop a common understanding. It typically involves working in groups to find solutions and create a product. Most collaborative learning activities involve students exploring the course material, not just the teacher's presentation. This type of instruction is different from the typical teacher-led instruction. Although the lecture process may not be eliminated, it still lives alongside other learning activities based on the course material. According to some teachers, they tend to think of themselves as more facilitators than lecturers regarding collaborative learning. They believe that they can help students develop new intellectual experiences.

Developing effective collaboration skills is a vital component of any academic program, and students should be able to communicate with their peers using appropriate language effectively. This can be done by developing a rich understanding of concepts and integrating important vocabulary. Through collaborative vocabulary learning, students can expand their knowledge of words by developing their unique ways of coming to know them. This can be accomplished using communication tools such as skits, songs, and drawings. Through this process, students can explore the meaning of words by working together on a graphic organizer such as the Frayer Chart. This activity can be done in the context of students' reading, and it provides them with plenty of opportunities to talk about the meaning of words.

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