collaborative learning

Collaborative learning is in the classroom is based on the necessary interaction and communication among students and with their teacher and environment. As children and teens incorporate this new educational technique, they learn how to respect ad be considerate of others. They also learn about teamwork. I think that collaborative learning is a good strategy in certain situations for example, collaborative learning is great when you want all the students to participate and be engaged. while this will work and students will learn the lesson. there is also times when you are but into groups and not everyone agrees on the topic chosen or the role that they are given, at this point I feel that students may not put in their full effort in collaborating in the activity. I think that when it comes to putting kids in to groups kids for example, kids should be given the option to be in the team that has a topic that is interesting to them and that they want to work on. This way you get full cooperation of all students.

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