Close reading short summary

Close reading is intended to encourage students to read complex texts. It involves several elements that can be used to support the learning process. Repeated reading or an extract of a short text are also used to encourage students to reflect on their ideas. They can also use the teacher's questions to guide their analysis. The goal of close reading is to encourage students to examine a text critically and then come up with their related questions. This is done by considering the text's content and not assuming that the reader will bring anything new to the table. It should also be integrated into the curriculum as students learn about new concepts and materials. Close reading should also provide opportunities for multiple discussions and readings. It should also help students develop their writing skills by incorporating various text elements into their studies. Activities that are part of close reading include identifying the main ideas and themes of the text. They can also use headings or other prominent elements to highlight the text's key points. An extract of a text is also used to provide a copy that students can use to highlight and discuss the keywords in the text. They can also break complex sentences into paragraphs and ask the students to come up with a list of the main ideas. They can also use questions and comments to guide their analysis.

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