classroom management

In our practicum class our professors asked us to writing down to flaws that we think we would need help in, when we become teachers. I got to thinking and I came up with I would most likely have a problem with time management. The reason why I say this for example, when I'm having my small groups and we are reading a book I loose track of time especially if it is interesting I want to keep reading to know more. Another thing that I wrote done would be consistency with the classroom rules. I do not like to be so stick. I feel that if you do not tell and show the students what your expectations are in the classroom, and enforced them all the time. Student will for sure step all over you and they will make things very hard. As a future teacher my plans are to try my very best to ensure the the first thing I do is tell my students what I expect and make sure that I enforce those expectations. This might mean that I will have to make my wallpaper on my phone and laptop a constant reminder to enforce expectations. I know its funny but I feel that this is the only way I will be able to follow through and make my class flow as easy as possible.

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