Classroom Management

I have now been in my Kindergarten classroom three times and I am learning a lot about classroom management. I come in the classroom as the kids are wrapping up lunch and then going out to recess, for the younger grades as it towards the end of the day they start getting a little restless and even cranky. I have seen my core teacher work hard, even though she is only a second year teacher, at trying to get her class under control after lunch and for the rest of the day. I have noticed that attention signals play a huge role in getting the attention back to her in a split second, she uses the "class, class- yes, yes" method and it works. There are a couple students who are a little disruptive on a daily basis and one thing I've learned is you have to follow through when telling them to behave. You can't just say "quiet down or you'll go to your chair" and if they continue being noisy to just ignore it. The whole class seemed to behave and listen when she actually sent the disruptive student to his desk. It acted as a wake up call per say to the other students.

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