Chapter 3 Writing within the disciplines

The writing assignments within the disciplines are used to introduce students to a given discipline's writing conventions and help them develop their writing style and comfort with specific genres and formats. Even though students may already know the basic concepts of the discipline, they are still not likely to learn how to communicate effectively with that discipline until they practice writing in class. Writing helps students develop critical thinking skills relevant to their study fields. Aside from the usual formats, writing assignments can also help students develop their writing style and learn how to communicate with a particular discipline. They can also be used to promote class discussion. In a learning log, teachers ask students to write short summaries and responses to questions related to a particular topic. For another example, imagine asking a question that's not a textbook question and building on the background of your content by allowing students to think critically and evaluate the response. Using the read/text/respond approach, instead of going through a subjective stance, students try to connect with the text and bring up their background knowledge as they interpret it. The author also mentions the talkback approach. They are asked to read and then come up with a paragraph claim or idea that they might want to discuss further. In this Talkback activity, the students approach it as if they were colleagues of authors asking questions about the text. And lastly, the one activity I have experienced observing with my core teacher is the exit slip, where students write a summary of the content at the end of the worksheets.

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