Chapter 2 : Reading within the disciplines- Brandon Humphrey

After reading through chapter 2 of This Is Disciplinary Literacy I was able to get a better understanding of how students read within the discipline. It is important that students are reading things that are relevant, like current events, this helps students be able to relate more to the reading. Some of the others that they talk about are reading aloud, incorporating visual skills, including text from the real world, etc. All of these are things that help us as future educators help our students stay on task and stay engaged when they are learning, it helps us be aware of our future student’s needs. Lent (2016) also mentioned teachers and how they tend to do a “red-robin” reading which is something teachers would do to see if students are paying attention. This technique would create anxiety amongst some students.

Eventually, when I become a teacher I would love to be able to implement some of these strategies in my own room, I could see where some of these techniques could help me get a better idea of where my students are struggling, which would then give me a better idea on how to approach some students with my teachings.

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